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Thursday, January 6

Hang tough

Please. Refer to yesterday's posting.

The Tribune reports that the Cubs are "dead last" in the Beltran negotiations. Various Noo Yawk papers are already claiming that Beltran is a Mutt. Andy Dolan, normally the voice of reason on Desipio sounds like he wants to jump out of the window because of Hendry's deep heel-dragging.

I'm TRYING to remain calm and reasonable about this, and all I can cling to here is: this involves Scott Boras. BELIEVE NOTHING! Until they actually have the press conference and Carlos and his wife are standing up there muttering in pidgin English that they love it here in (name your large market)...until then, believe nothing you hear, nothing you read and only part of what you see.

Hendry got rid of the Turd, He brought Maddux home, he got Nomar...he ain't gonna let us down...right? Right? Is he? No way, right?