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Thursday, January 13


I have to do this. I just have to.

I know this is probably going to put the whammy on my boys. For those of you who know me well enough (I can't remember if I have this on my info page) my second favorite sports team is the University of Illinois Fighting Illini basketball. During my time there, I did not attend a single, solitary football game, or any other type of game.

I never missed a basketball game. My seats were usually shitty, once in a great while I would get the chance to scoop up someone else's 'A' section seats. But I stood in line overnight, etc. for these guys. They've been pretty consistent since the early 80's, under Lou Henson, Lon Krueger, Bill Selfish, and now Bruce Weber.

Weber, the beneficiary of some of Selfish's recruiting, has lucked himself into a number 1 ballclub. In college, guards rule, and we have three of the best. Dee Brown, Luther Head, and Deron Williams just keep firing the treys. They're not killing themselves, trying to run a full-court press or a driving, fast break offense. The Illini's style is to pick you up at half court, and deny EVERY last pass. You'd hate playing the Illini. Up top, they're all over your ass, and if you are fortunate enough to get the ball down low, you figure that they've gambled on defense and you've beat them to the hole for some EZ pickin's. No dice...they get back and swarm your ass down there, too.

In the past, even some of their least teams have had stretches of brilliance that they've shown this year, but there was always, ALWAYS a letup, usually in the tournament. Austin Peay, anyone? Alabama's Latrell Spreewell always speaks kindly of the Illini. But this year, so far, they haven't called off the dogs once. Now, they haven't taken their usual annual fucking in Iowa City, nor have they been to Madison yet, another hotspot that all Illini fans regard less than fondly. But they HAVE stopped at the Beef House, gone to Purdue and spanked their ass.

The topic on the local radio seems to go like this: Should they lose? Is it an advantage to go into the NCAA tourney as unbeatens, or would it be better if they had lost a game (or two), and then address any needed corrections? What do YOU think about it? I find it an interesting theory. The practical side of me says that the occassional setback keeps you humble, and grounded, and keeps you working hard.

Of course, the arrogant side says fuck 'em all and feed 'em fishheads. Why not do a Duke, a UNLV, a Wooden-era UCLA? Undefeated puts Illinois on the map, the important map, not the fucking red-n-blue one that elects presidents, but the important sports map that all the droning morons in Noo Yawk have to look at.