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Monday, December 6


I'm still at a general loss for words...Blog Writer's Block, if you will. I had no idea how much I DID care about the outcome of the Presidential election. I have always fancied myself as an apolitical character. I don't know what's gotten into me...I really don't.

I'm still mentally exhausted by the whole process. I can't get up a good frothing head of steam up about anything...Steroids? Pah. The Cubs? Wake me up when they actually SIGN someone. The Ron Artest VIBE Awards? Pretty funny, but I can't really say anymore than anyone else without completely crossing the line into racial ugliness, and I'd rather not take on the Zulu nation at this time.

About all I can care about right now is cameltoes:

While I, as a purist, believe that denim is the only true medium with which to view and appreciate the wonders of the cameltoe, the purveyors of the world HQ website seem to prefer either partially nude with panties, or totally nude.

This I think is indicative of the Whole Microwave Society, in which everybody wants everything NOW, and to hell with using your imagination. But, hey, why complain...enjoy!