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Friday, December 10

Jessica Biel, part deux

Jessica can be seen this week in the new movie "Blade 3 - Trinity".

What does this have to do with the Cubs? Not a damn thing.

There are much better actresses, and for sure there are far cuter ones. There are some that combine both. But the 5-foot-8 inch Jessica still, in my opinion, has the best body in the bizness.

I love to watch her move. I love to watch her run, jump, crawl. I love to watch her sit, and I love to watch her lie down. I would, and have, watched true excrement on the TV tube in order to see her in her scenes.

If she had to live on her abilities alone, she would probably have run home years ago to sell real estate. As long as she has THAT body, though, she's going to get work wearing a wife-beater while being chased by a dude with a chainsaw. Or wearing skin-tight lycra while slinging arrows of fire.

I nominate her as the next worthy successor to Marla Collins. There, some Cub content for you.