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Thursday, December 16

It's good to be right, but...

I didn't see the show last night where Walker called Sosa a disappointment, and Mercker piled on wanting to rip the 'C' off of Sammy's sunken chest, and Stoney chipped in with what is the truest statement of all, that Sosa acts above the team because he's been PLACED above the team since the Larry Himes days.

Glad to see people close to the situation fall with the Sloth. Who the fuck has been saying this shit all along? Who was the only one in America choking on his own PUKE when the rest of the world couldn't WAIT to rub Sammy's fuzzy little balls in 1998? Who has been telling one and all, incurring the wrath of millions of SammySosaAssLickers everywhere, that the big fucking rummy was on the juice, and since he had to get off, he's been shrinking like a raisin?

Who saw through all of his "I grew up poor" bullshit, and exposed him like the fucking sideshow fraud that he is? If the rumbottle didn't convince you, if the testimony of dozens of ex-Cubs meant nothing to you, if the cork meant nothing, the refusal to rehab in the minors, his blowing off the CubConvention, his always being late to Spring Training, the stolen $20,000 left in a towel, the frequent family emergencies right in the middle of division races...capped off by his early departure this year, and then his ranting about being disrespected.

Sammy, if you were a horse, we'd have to put you down.

But we need to trade him, and it's OK for ME to rant and rave about the fuckstick. I don't think Omar Minaya reads me. I don't think Theo Epstein reads me. You get my drift...but they all watch ESPN, and it was always my belief and my hope that the rest of the country still LOVED the Gladiator.

But the more that is written and said, the more the rest of the non-Cubs world is coming around to the notion that Sosa is a useless, selfish, expensive jackload that everyone would be best served avoiding like a wretching bum in the gutter.

I'm sure you all can see how that hurts our chances to get rid of him.

To ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN,, Sporting News, Tribune Corp, AOL Time Warner, Comcast, and everyone else that I've missed...


Shut the fuck up about him. He's great, okay?