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Friday, October 15


Carlos Beltran, in a middle of a NLCS, confirms that he will be interested in what the Cubs come up with in the off-season. Of course, he probably said the same thing about 28 other teams, including the one he is on, probably all teams except the Royals, from whence he came.

I'm not sure I like the notion of a guy who would justify the question with an answer, ANY answer, at this point in time. If the Cubs said they were interested in HIM, wouldn't that be tampering? He's still playing ball, and should mentally be 1000% behind the big stylistic star of the Houston AssTrolls, shouldn't he?

I'm not saying I would kick him out of bed, even considering the marrow-sucking leech he hired as an agent. He can rrreeaaallllllyy hit, man.

Call me old fashioned, out-of-step Charlie. Are ALL ballplayers as mercenary as this one? If so, then by all means, knock yourselves out, sic' 'im.