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Friday, October 29

This bugs me

The Sports Guy just posted a post-World Series e-mail bag blowout, and one of the entries he shared is:

For Cubs fans, you know what this feels like? I just figured it out a moment ago. It's like having this friend who suffered with you through thick and thin, sharing in your deepest pain and your greatest hopes. Finally, one day, your friend finally gets what you've both been hoping for. And you're really, really happy for them, but you can't deny that you're also jealous. And you're a bit sad, and a bit scared, because you know that from now on, you're going at it alone.

(Also, you have an annoying little brother with the same problem, but nobody gives a crap about him and neither do you.)
-- Adam Rettberg, Chicago

Do you know what BUGS me about this?

I didn't write it!!! Nice work, Adam!