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Wednesday, October 13

He's a live wire

We all know by now, I hates me some Sammy Sosa mi-ty fierce.

By now, we all have heard the story of Mariano Rivera - two of his relatives, his wife's cousin and uncle, were electrocuted in his pool down in Panama, because he had live current surrounding the pool to keep the dogs out. He went for the services, and did not return to his team until the 2nd Inning of Game 1 of the ALCS.

He then got the final four outs to nail down the Yankee victory.

There is little, if any, outcry from his management, teammates, or the public.

That's all well and good. It's a human story. Allow me to change a few of the parameters. Let's make Panama the Dominican. Let's make the ALCS the NLCS. Let's make the Yankees the Cubs.

And let's turn Mariano Rivera into Sammy Sosa.

Do you think Sosa would be treated with the same respect?

HELLLLLL no. Some would say that Sosa has not earned the respect that Rivera enjoys, and you might be right.

But in all honesty, is it Sosa as much as it is US? The Cub fans, the Chicago media, everyone involved in shaping public opinion of the Cubs and all that surrounds it.

Plain and simple, we're all a bunch of hyper-paranoic loss-obsessed fuckmonkeys, and there's no way we would allow this to happen here. Perhaps THAT's part of the reason why the club played the last half of this year like they had car batteries hard-wired against their nuts, and guys wearing Yankee pinstripes get away with murder.

Because they're expected to win, and we're expected to lose, and in the process, we make it so.