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Friday, October 1


This is where I am going tomorrow: I have a reservation at the Lakeview Rooftop Club. Our company received thirty seats for charity, and we auctioned them off individually, with proceeds going to City of Hope cancer treatment centers. I actualy did NOT bid. Someone else won two seats, and then could not use one, and they knew where to go to find a sucker taker.

My plan, when I found out about it last week, was to gird myself with ample food and drink, to fight the unruly mobs out on Sheffield after the game, once we clinched the wild card.

Ahhhh, but as Cubs fans, we learn to adjust.

I have a new purpose in mind now, but first, a little background.

Most of us SHOULD know this, but "EAMUS CATULI" is Latin and loosely translates to "Go Cubs". I believe it actually translates to "proceed young bears". Then you have the numbers underneath.

The first two digits represent the number of years since we won the division. Currently, it is set at 00. 59 represents the number of years since the last pennant. 96 represents the number of years since the last world championship. I dunno what plans they have in mind if we don't get something done by 2008.

Anyway, my plans tomorrow are to ask them if I can hold either the '0' and the '1' for the years since the division, or the '6' and the '0' since the pennant, or possibly the '9' and the '7' for the big enchilada. And have my buddies take my picture. So I can post it here.

Go Cubs.