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Monday, October 25


The Red Sox field worse than my 5-6 yr old Tee Ball team from 1998, Mark Bellhorn is in SportsCenter's grill hitting shot after shot, and the RedSox are up 2-0 in the World Series. Has THAT ever happened?

Nobody in Sawx Nation will say it, so I will...I hope they win, so they can stop all the talk about their measly little 'curse', so all the eyes of the accursed can look to Chicago, true home of Curses.

The Sux were in a World Series in 1919, and they threw it. The Baseball Gods may never forgive. But what did the Cubs do? I mean, they didn't allow a goat on the premises. I went to a pumpkin patch/petting zoo yesterday. Fucking things smell to high heaven. In my estimation, the Wrigleys were doing well by everyone else when they refused to allow a shit-eating goat into the park.

We never sold OUR best player ever for money to finish a Broadway play.

Wrigley Field was scheduled to be one of the FIRST parks with lights, but the Wrigleys decided to donate the steel for the light standards to the war effort in WWII. When several other teams and parks were owned by beermakers, Wrigley stuck to chewing gum. The Cubs have done as much as any other major league operation to give back to its community. There wouldn't be a Wrigleyville, if it weren't for Wrigley.

We weren't the first to employ black ballplayers, but we weren't the last, either. We never employed bastards like Pete Rose, or Ty Cobb, or Hal Chase, Carl Mays, Jeff Heath, Johnny Temple, Maury Wills, or Cleon Jones. We had guys like Billy Sunday, who would not pitch on the Sabbath, and Ken Holtzman, who served in the Army during the week, and pitched on weekends. We DID have Cap Anson, Hack Wilson, and Dave Kingman, but geez, Babe Ruth was a major league shitcake, and it hasn't hurt the Yankees none.

Honestly, I don't get why WE get stuck up the ass by karma.

And. maybe if the Red Sox can shake the bug out of THEIR ass, maybe it will give us the cosmic impetus to do the same.