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Thursday, September 2

Uncouth Sloth postponed due to Hurricane Frances

Today's rant about the offensively challenged closerless Cubs has been postponed due to the need for caution in dealing with the massive hurricane about ready to run ashore in America.

I nearly missed the entire game last night, due to some early-school year running around, and only caught the best part, the bases-loaded wild pitch that scored the Cubs' first run in the 11th. From what I gather, I missed Kerry Wood's best game of the year. Too bad the offense missed it, also.

A few people in the hallway want to know what I think about Ben Grieve, Neifi Perez and Mike DiFelice. I dunno...I guess I thought it would be nice to have another catcher, on the days we are subjected to Bako, Barrett doesn't just have to sit there rotting on the bench. He can hit when needed, and we would have another backup waiting in case Bako gets run over by a steamroller.

Ben Grieve really sucks, and I hope in the end, we didn't give up too much for his services. I knew having a nearly automatic hitter like Hollandsworth was too good to be true. I wondered how in hell he ended up HERE?

It could be that a man too stupid to wear a shin guard over his leg, when out of all the millions of major league ballplayers who have ever strapped on body armor, Todd and his nerve-damaged leg would be the MOST appropriate one to do so? Florida must have thought they desperately needed the IQ boost in the dugout, that they achieved by default during his departure.

I just coughed up today $4000 for my son to wear metal braces in his mouth, so his teeth would look their best for the ladies. Forgive me for sounding a little bitter. My teeth are un-altered, and I've had SOOO much success in la amore.