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Monday, September 27

So much more than I can handle

You would think that one of the most exciting weeks in Cub history, that the Uncouth Sloth would be posting HOURLY, full of vim and venom about the hyper-critical wins and losses.

I apologize to one and all that I have not been up to the task.

Work has all of a sudden gotten busy, and I have also been involved in "being more emotionally available" for my kids, which included bringing them around for their grandfather's funeral (my ex-wife's dad). THAT, that was weird. Oh my lord...all of the reasons why I could not deal with those people, all the reasons why I eventually broke away from them...15 years of history all came flooding back in one weekend.

I also have a co-worker hassling me about something, and all-in-all, even though this should be one of the greatest weeks of our lives as Cub fans, I'm just not into it. Part of it is because I still have not accepted the Wild Card as a proper entry into the post-season. I still feel it is a consolation prize, for the tallest midget, the 'best of the losers'. I don't like it, because I can't follow it without considering the schedules of at least four other teams. Andy will so readily point out, the Wild Card IS, in fact, a valid entry into the post-season. You can win the World Series as a Wild Card. The Cubs will need to win more games in 2004 to qualify as a Wild Card than they won in 2003 as the Central Division champs.

And how many weeks can possibly compare to this one?

Yes, last year's last week, as well as the two rounds of playoffs, compare.

Before that? The last week of 1998, I guess, qualifies. The next-to-last week of 1995, where the Cubs harbored faint wild-card hopes, was pretty good. There were no suspenseful weeks in 1989. We won by 6 games or so, and the playoffs qualified as anti-climactic. The 1984 playoffs were certainly an emotional roller-coaster....and then you have to go all the way back to the early seventies. The 1970 team finished 5 games out. So did the 1973 team...but that team also finished with 77 wins (ugh?)

Before that, and considering the fact that the 1938 and 1945 teams won the pennant, the last time a Cubs team finished LESS THAN 10 games out of first place was nineteen-fucking-thirty-seven (1937)!?!

To conclude the point I am making, in the last 70 (seven-oh) years, there have only been 5 or 6 weeks that can compare to the one we are about to enjoy, as Cubs fans.

So please, don't get caught up in whatever personal doldrums I am swimming in. These are the days that we have hoped for...enjoy them, root for your tired, no-closer, no-situational-offensive team, and hope that they can manage to win one more game than the Giants and Ass-Trolls.

Especially, the Ass-Trolls. Go Dodgers, Go Brewers, and most importantly, Go Cubs!!