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Friday, September 3

Need a better picture

Actually, I need to get my ass off of Blogger and get a real host. So I can upload pictures, like the much better ones I have of THIS luscious sweetie, Elizabeth Bogush.

I watch Scrubs, saw her episode, dug her, but kind of forgot. The next time I saw her was on a K-mart commercial, of all things, where they have a lot of the WB actors wearing their clothing. She's the hot redhead in "The Mountain".

If you are me, a picture pirate, a digital leech, you occassionally get stopped and zapped by clever pic providers who either code their HTML, or shut me out after the fact. You can download their pics, for the most part, all u want, but frequently I get shut out by the more diligent ones. And, since I use Blogger, and can't get that hello! shit to work, I can't upload pictures, either.

I also have pictures in Bravenet, but I can't figure out how to link to it, either. If anyone knows how I can link to my pics in Bravenet, how's about dropping dime on the Ol' sloth, and lettin' me know?

Maybe if I post enuf pictures of babes, I will sicken fcabanski to the point that he will quit coming here.