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Monday, September 13

Monday, September 13th, 2004

Forklift reports that Laura Prepon has gone blond. PREPOSTEROUS!!

Redheads just can't ever be satisfied with anything. This is especially true of their hair. 99.4% of them are CONVINCED that they would be so much happier as a blond, including my step-daughter and, on some days, my wife. Even after you stand on your head begging them not to do anything to them lovely red tresses. It is true, men either love 'em or hate 'em, a polarizing effect blonds and most brunettes don't have to deal with.

But, hey, just find one of the guys that love 'em, and leave it at that.

When did Amanda Bynes fall off of the All Majestic list? I blame Chuck, who not only called her ordinary looking (which I shrugged off), but noted that she is always hunched over. That, I couldn't shake off so easy, along with the fact that she is, ummm, much less of a guilty pleasure at 18 as she was at 17. The net effect of all of that, plus the fact that she isn't even the best looking chick on her own show,

bumped her cute little butt off of the All-Majestic.

Watched a lot of kid football this weekend. #1 son was part of a winning effort Saturday at Hansen Stadium on Fullerton and Central, less than 5 miles from where the Cubs pounded the Fishsticks. For nearly three quarters, while the head coach argued the entire afternoon with his assistant coaches over "headset etiquette", my son punished his taller and quicker opponent as we ran the option to perfection. But at some point, the coach decided that we were going to become the Dan Fouts Chargers, my kid missed one pass block, and coach decided that it was time for a change. They watch film today, and if they decide to pick on him for that ONE miss, I am going to get SOME kind of mad, for I KNOW what the fuck the big sour puss was doing all game long, and armed with that information, I realize that he wasn't even following the game, as much as he was looking 'cool' with his new headset.

C'mon, Tightshorts. You coach a small-town high school football team, you run the option, why in the hell do you think you need to wear a headset, to talk to your eye in the sky? That's like my wife and I calling each other on our cell phones in different rooms of our house.

Uhhh, not that we've ever....ahhh, forget it.

Well, gotta go for now, hopefully tomorrow I will have the poll updated, and...


What ABOUT the Cubs? I said they needed to win 3 to convince me that they were in it for the long haul. They only won 2. Going by my last pronouncement, they didn't win this MAJOR, major series, and as a result, I don't trust them down the stretch. Every quote I heard this weekend seems to re-iterate that they are themselves convinced that they are a power team, and they will continue to do it their way, and that they see no reason whatsoever to adjust to the weather.

Fine, whatever. Rot in hell, you conceited fucksticks.