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Monday, September 27

Magic Numbers

I have been informed by the saber weenies that the reason why you are not seeing any mention of 'magic number' is because the concept is invalid when there are multiple teams still in the running. It would only apply when all the teams but one are eliminated.

The Cubs have seven games left, and if they win out (uh-huh) they will win the Wild Card.

Other than that, there is uncertainity and chaos.

So, the number, and there's no magic in it at this point, is 7.

Baseball Prospectus gives the Cubs a 75% chance of winning the Wild Card, taking many, many things into consideration, including pitching matchups, weather, and the size and shape of Barry Bonds' pulled hammy.

I, myself, the Uncouth Sloth, have an appointment on a rooftop on Saturday. What if there's a clinchin' that day?