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Thursday, September 23

Good glove, no hit, Sammy Sosa?

He went oh-fer again last night, leaving scads of runners in scoring position, and probably a younger, quicker man would have been able to make the same play without leaving his feet,

....but, OH! What a catch!!!

Considering the night he had at the plate, the score on the scoreboard, and their place in the standings, it's hard to imagine a more CLUTCH defensive play than that one.

The steroid-soaked 1998 Sam-me does not make that catch. Maybe there still is hope for him after all. Obviously The Gladiator is convinced that going all-out in the outfield is necessary. If someone can similarly convince him that cutting down on his swing, when the situation calls for it, is also necessary, maybe our last year of the Sammy Sosa era won't be so bad.

If he can go back to hitting, say, .300, with 30 doubles, 25 homers, and over 100 RBIs, AND play that kind of defense...I'd take that, right?




AAAWWW! Who the FUCK am I kidding? He's a thick ass moron. He'll NEVER put aside his ego long enough to play situational baseball.

At least, not until he goes to the Yankees in 2006.