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Friday, September 10


Nothing more than feelings.

I don't need to remind anyone here what the years 1984, 1989, 1998, and 2003 have in common. What I am going to discuss today was the feeling associated with each club, and then try to compare that to the vibe surrounding the current cast of Cubs.

1984 shall always remain the most special team I have ever witnessed, at least until the glorious day when we actually WIN a pennant, for up until that point in my lifetime, the Cubs never won anything.

I was a frequent bleacher guest that year, but the kick for me was not the illegally purchased suds. Though, it was nice. It might have been the surge of adrenaline of the last days of my youth, but those men stood as shining heroes, who could not possibly lose. I was there for the Sandberg game; I was there for the whole late season Mutts sweep. Once Sutcliffe came to town, the club took on a feeling of complete confidence. Nothing could stop them.

Glorious one-hit wonder boy: Rich Bordi

1989 was a different story: "scrappy" is the term I will forever associate with them. Coming back from 8 down to beat Houston, dealing with the loss of the entire starting outfield early in the year, waiting to see if Mike Bielecki's deal with Satan would hold up the entire season.

I knew they could not take the Giants in the playoffs, and I also knew that this was not the start of a dynasty. But after they zoomed into the lead around the first of August, I also knew that there would be no stopping them for the rest of the regular season.

Glorious one-hit wonder boy: who else but Les Lancaster, who was Kyle Farns with less zits.

1998 was all about Sammy. How can you not win when you have a guy with 66 homers and 158 RBIs in the middle of your lineup? But as you recall, we nearly let THAT one slip, until Neifi Perez of all people beat the Giants with a walk-off dongload.

Glorious one-hit wonder boy - Orlando Merced.

2003 will be known as the year it was all about the pitching, and please remember that at this time last year, whenever Wood or Prior went out there, he was automatic, and for most of August and September, so was Zambrano. At this point, I thought we could count on Maddux (until Wednesday) and Zambrano. Clement has broken down, Wood is still thrashing around, and Prior until further notice is disappointing.

I just do not have the same basic feeling we enjoyed last year. Last year, I went out here about four-five times, and stated that IF WE DID NOT WIN THIS SERIES, WE WERE DONE! And, every time, they came through. We passed all the big tests. This year, we are flunking all the big tests.

The last big test started an hour ago. If we don't get three of four, forget about any back-door entries into the playoffs.

Yes, fcabanski, I was thinking of you that last sentence, raging douchebag.