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Wednesday, September 15

The Corey Game?

First of all, technology is scary, especially if it falls in the wrong hands. Anybody else read yesterday's comments....enough said about that.

Guess I'm gonna hafta think twice before declaring holy Jihad against anyone else.

Next of all, if anyone stumbles upon my Yahoo! profile, you will see that I live in Corn Hole, and that my favorite quote is "Two Dicks, wow!" Some explanation might be in order, real quick.

Yes, we have an awful lot of sophomoric, juvenile sexual humor in and around the Sloth. I live in a town that puts on the 'National Sweet Corn Festival' every second week of August. Thus, 'Corn Hole'. I used to live in a town named after its former main industry, coal mining. Thus, 'Black Lung'. The marginally industrious amongst us can figure out pretty much where I rest.

"Two Dicks, Wow!", was uttered by the marginally talented but well-built Bonnie Bernstein on CBS, during one of those pre-halftime quick-hit coach interviews, when the poor thing was juggling two conversations, one with Dick Jauron, the other with Dick Stockton. It isn't a quantum leap to re-image the context of the comment.

Now here's the question of the day...the idea was floated out on the Coven, do we call last night the Corey Game, like the famous Ryno Game of 1984?

Here's the thing...he did EXACTLY the same thing on Sept. 7th vs Montreal! Granted, he faced T. J. Tucker and Brian Meadows, instead of Bruce Sutter. You don't see F. Robby or Lloyd McClendon magnamiously calling him "Baby Ruth". Probably, most likely, remember, in 1984, we hadn't won DICK in 40 years, whereas now, we're relatively SPOILED by Cubs standards. In fact, most of us EXPECT playoffs this year.

I still am not convinced to stick my neck out for THAT notion. But, face it. What Corey has done TWICE in the last week, was just as special as June 24, 1984.

Not to rub it in any harder, Chuck, but since you started lighting up his ass, he's gone Lofton times 2 on us. I AM willing to stick out my dick on this one:

Corey is gonna be a player.