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Friday, September 17

Comments about the Cubs

Let's see, I covered Rick James and JAPs today. No, I am not trying to ignore the exploits of Aramis Ramirez. Note that he is the subject of my latest poll.

I'm confident I'm not going to start an argument by stating that you HAVE to sign him long-term. He is custom-built for the park. He may not have as quick reflexes as Mike Lowell, the Sloth's 2003 Wish Baby, but you don't have to have them on our slow infield grass, and his worth is compensated and then some by his superior power.

OK, he's gonna cost us. He might start out asking for $14M per annum for 5, and he may end up with $12Mx4 with an option. This is a $6M raise, which basically nullifies the gains from the Alex Gonzalez contract. I figure Alou is gone, and it definitely is a topic for another time how they will choose to fill the vacancies in LF, SS, and the Clement spot in the rotation. Will they make large enough offers to Nomar and/or Clement to encourage them to stay? Will they fill LF from within (DuBois) or go after a mid-level FA? But you have to make Ramirez job #1.

So Tuesday Corey wins it by himself, last night Ramirez wins it by HIMself, and in between, the boys pummel the Battlin' Buccos into submission. If you take the last three games as a sample (which many of our brethren typically do), this has all the markings of a special team, and a special year.

Tonight we have Zambrano vs. another jamoke I've never heard of. Which is not to say that the jamoke won't pitch a great game, for the Cubs periodically have the tendency to make aces out of asses. What defnitely works in our favor is the fact that the game is in Cincy, in their stuffy little bandbox, and even with the overgrown Adam Dunn wearing red, they can't swing with us. And, for sure, their pitcher isn't going to fight like Z will.

A few more of these in a row, and we have a legit reason to start going crazy.

So, as the President and CEO of When Will the Other Shoe Drop Enterprises, what's gonna happen? Just when I can't think of any logical reason why we should lose tonight, we'll find a way. How? Why? I wish I knew so I could ramp up my meds accordingly.