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Friday, July 16

Women are friggin' stupid
Why do I say that?  If you haven't already done so, subscribe to the (it's free) and read this story  about today's capture of one of the 10 Most Wanted criminals.
If I read this right, he has done the following:
  • assaulted and raped an ex-girlfriend
  • went to prison for assaulting and raping another ex-girlfriend while still on parole for the first rape
  • while under parole for the second rape, stabbed yet another ex-girfriend, and went BACK to prison
  • shot ANOTHER ex-girlfriend in the head, and dumped her body in a state park
  • shot a fifth ex-girlfriend in the head when she reconciled with her estranged husband, ran off to Mexico, and was wanted for the two murders

OK.  What was it about this guy that in less than 10 years, even though his breakups are not amicable in the least, he was able to attract the affections of at least five women?  He isn't even that handsome, and certainly he must have come across completely psychopathically.

Let me guess.  He had nice cars, nice clothes, and probably acted real cool, like he didn't give a shit whether the women came, stayed, laid, or prayed.  He was that "bad boy" that they all want.

So this guy is going to Death Row, these chicks are all maimed or dead, and nice guys roam the earth without even a sniff.  So forgive me for not being more sympathetic.