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Wednesday, July 7

Twice as nice

Blogger ain't workin' worth a shit today! I first tried to publish this post at 9:15 AM. So it isn't my fault you have to look at Kirsten twice today.

Maybe if I make a new post, it will let me get rid of one of the two Kirsten Dunst posts. I unprofessional!

But it appears that this won't work, either.

The game last night just made me SICK! Anytime Sosa or Alou wants to get a base hit is fine with me. It's just a giant sucking chasm in the middle of the lineup, where rallies go to die, just oozing K's everywhere.

All-Stars, huh? All-Stars, my fucking ass!!

I have been waiting all year to do a nice pelvic-thrusting dance in the direction of the Cardinals and their drooling, toothless fans. We were supposed to have the best pitching, and they had the worst. I TOLD everyone that the Drew-for-Marquis trade was pure Genius on their part, but all of you SHOUTED me down, cause the Cardinals hadn't helped themselves at all, at all...

They keep winning, and we can't beat...the BREWERS! Who, between them, don't make as much as Sammy Sosa's personal chemist/chef.

When he FINALLY decided to go the other way, and he hit his shot in the 8th, and gave it a mini-hop, and Ben Fucking Grieve caught it against the was over. If we can't get THAT one, then the breaks just aren't ours, guys.