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Friday, July 30

Third time's a charm?

This is short, because I have written two rants already, one about my displeasure that if Hendry is going to make a bold move, he is waiting until the last possible moment to do so, and I don't like to live on the edge that way.  The second was congratulating Zambrano for rebounding back from several unfufilling outings in a row. 

Both were witty, clever, and worthy of your admiration and respect.

Both were quite unfairly eaten by Blogger.

So this is short, just to point out that Lindsay Lohan is no longer on my All-Majestic list.

She has become a super-diva; someone completely full of herself and what it means to be herself.  I find this extremely ugly, unattractive, and unsexy, and I don't like fake tits either, especially fake tits on legal minors.

If you are too young to fuck, and too young to fantasize sexually about, then you're too young to buy tits.  Why else would you buy fake tits, unless you wanted people to leer at you and want to fuck you?  You can say that it helped her get roles, because people want to see someone fuckable in the role, rather than someone more, say, wholesome. 

There will come a day, when she's around, say, Pam Anderson's age, when she'll start to wonder if it was all worth it.  Mandy Moore is as flat as a board, and I'd nail her eight ways to Sunday.