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Thursday, July 15

Second hand-brush with second-hand greatness

Scott Spezio, the son of Ed Spezio, old-time Deadbird and Sux, as you know plays for Seattle now after stints in Oakland and Anaheim. His favorite thing, though, is his band, Sandfrog.

Spezio was born, raised, and still lives in Morris, which is the next town over from Black Lung, my hometown. I don't know him, although I've run into him in the bars and such. I do know one of the guys in his band, though. He is the stepson of one of my oldest friends.

There. I guess that's a third-hand brush with greatness.

What's the point? Dunno. Just find it interesting that a man who is living the dream actually wants to be something else. What if it were you? If you played big-league ball, would YOU still want to be a rock star, or astronaut, or race-car driver, or accountant? I can't imagine I would, but I'll never find out for myself, will I?

Bitter? Naaaaah, why would you think that?