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Saturday, July 3

The Rivalry, brought to you by Subway

For all of you who do not live in the area, Subway is running a promotion where you can buy either of two sandwiches for $2.99. One is called the "Northsider", which is supposedly the brainchild of Dusty Baker, is ham, pepperoni, and brown mustard. The other, the alleged favorite of Ozzie Montana, the "Southsider", is roast beef, turkey, and bacon with ranch dressing.

This is supposed to be some sort of barometer of the fan base.

The Southsider is outselling the ham nightmare two-to-one. So does THAT mean there are twice as many Sux fans as Cub fans, at least in the local area?

Have I, the Uncouth Sloth, been seen ordering the signature sandwich of the downtrodden, belligerent South Side?


I've had several Northsiders, and, I gotta say, people, this is True Love. I wanted the other sandwich so bad....just never know who's watching. I'd die of shame if you caught me with Ozzie's meat in my mouth.