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Tuesday, July 27

Kudos to Matt Clement

Whew!!  Well, Sheryl Crow and her hypertensive boyfriend just got done licking my ass, so I'm feeling good enough to go teach class, today and tomorrow.  So I don't have a lot of posting time.

My good best wishes today to Matt Clement, who has been traded a million different times on the internet, but keeps on going out there and pitching his chin pubes off!  I'm glad he got a win, and tell me you didn't have your hands down your pants, clutching yourself, in the ninth with big-assed Russell Branyan and bigger-assed Brooks the K out there.  Shit, I half expected that if those two got on, they were going to haul out Adam Dunn, Frank Howard, Gorman Thomas, Rob Deer, Hank Bowman, and every other big white stiff who ever uppercutted on a ball.

Happy Gabor Bako Day, everyone!