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Wednesday, July 28

A few minutes with Greg Maddux

Steve Carlton hit 300 wins in 1983.  No other NL pitchers have hit it since.  Maddux, of course, has 299.  Glavine has about 45 wins to go, and Johnson has 60.  Glavine might make it, with God's will, and Johnson probably not.   Beyond that, you have to look at the Priors and Oswalts of the world to find the next people with a chance.

So this is truly special.

They showed Maddux's stats from first half last year to this year.  They were almost identical, within two points, in terms of wins, losses, walks, strikeouts, ERA.  And last year turned out pretty well for him.  He's a second half guy.  If we can get three of the others to follow his lead...who knows?