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Tuesday, July 6

Bunch of nagging shit I just gotta get off of my chest

- Damn, I figured the Southsider sandwich was going to win a landslide election for better sammich. No such luck...the Monstrosity is winning the poll. And yeah, Subway isn't exactly a culinary masterpiece; there are several places I can think of that beat it all to hell.

Sit down, Quizno's. You ain't one of them. You too, Blimpie. I'm talkin' local joints the Avanti Gondola on sourdough bread in Bloomington, IL for example.

- The extra day off worked against me. If we went back to work Monday, I was going to bring a broom, and wave it at all the Sux fans in my office. No sense doing that today, after being shut out by the low-budget Brewers.

- Just wanted you to know that, according to at least one reader, I have become the poster boy for "left-wing liberals who don't want to back up my beliefs with proof". Which is just hilarious, because anyone who knows me personally might have a million names to call me, but "liberal" isn't one of them.

Mike C., if you're flaming my ass for not showing any proof to back my beliefs, where's all the proof supporting yours? I TOLD you the 9/11 Commission backed me up, but I guess that's not good enough for you. A bunch of people, who were stacked and assembled to come up with good reasons to AVENGE 9/11, couldn't find any reason why we should invade Iraq.

Maybe you should just cut back on the anabolics, for awhile. Unless you are dealing with Krohn's disease, Colitis, Degenerative Macular eyesight, or any other valid need for them, of course.

- The poster boy for Lifesource blood bank here is Matt Clement, and the campaign is entitled "Matt has a good you?"

Matt DOES have a good arm, and I am not advocating that we trade him. I just feel that if management is watching the same ball I am, they will see that having the starting pitching we have compared to the rest of the ballclub is like having a Hemi engine in a rusted-out Chevy Vega.

What they MAY decide is that a rotation of Wood-Prior-Zambrano-Maddux-Rusch is good enough to make it to the playoffs, and if Clement can bring us a significant offensive upgrade, particularly at shortstop, it would be worth it.

Our catching offense has been adequate.
Our third base offense has, too, along with our LF offense.
Our second base offense doesn't have a high enough OBP.
Our first base offense is not quite potent enough. For all the people who thought DLee was going to hit 40 homers, it's time to dial down your expectations.
Our center fielder needs to stretch his improvement over the entire season for his output to be considered adequate for his position.
And, of course, the shortstop position is a disaster.

So I figured they may consider it. Of course, Nomar ain't done shit this year, and maybe he isn't upgrade enough to warrant trading Clement, who pitched his ass off yesterday without his best stuff. I loved seeing him battle.

But, dammit, we need to be able to score against EVERYONE, and we need to be able to push across at least one run yesterday.