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Thursday, July 8

Absolutely disgraceful

There is NO WAY that the Brewers' pitching could have improved this much.

Paul Sullivan wrote in the Tribune today that the four-game offensive outage is attributed to Aramis Ramirez' injury.

I swear to God, the Tribune breaks all barriers on a daily basis on how far they will go to protect the Great and All-Powerful Sammy Sosa.

Patterson and Barrett are hitting. Everyone else isn't. That includes whatever handful of mangoo they've had playing the left side of the infield. That includes Grud, who may finally be done. What remains is what passes for our Big Three...Sosa, Alou, and Lee.
I have no idea why Dusty would put Sosa and his strikeouts back in the three hole.

But if these three men can't play better than this, we aren't winning any divisions this year.

What's most disheartening, is that there's nothing you can do. Should we fire the hitting coach? Hell, yes, not just for the last four days, but for the fact that he has done absolutely NOTHING to develop any of our young talent, or bolster the veterans. But bringing someone new in isn't going to have any immediate effect.

We aren't going to find anyone available that will represent an improvement over these three, in the positions they play.

All we can do is hope, and pray, and cheer like the mindless, drooling blue kool-aid drinking morons you see piling off of the tour busses, for the possibility that these three overpaid baboons will finally start concentrating at the plate.