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Tuesday, May 18

Uh oh, I got Cub Fan soldiers reading this

The complete unexpurgated text of an email from Mike Comar of, and my reply:

--- Michael Comar wrote:
> First off I would like to say my name is Mike Comar.
> I have been reading your personal conflict/thoughts
> on politics and you and me are probably the exact
> opposite in terms of the way we feel about Bush and
> Iraq.
> I believe in what we are doing in Iraq. I believe it
> is fair and noble cause. That we are doing vastly
> more good than we are doing harm. I am a soldier
> myself, I served with the 3rd Infantry Division. And
> if Bush is re-elected I may re-enlist to active duty
> to go to Iraq myself. So I take seriously what goes
> on over there, what the situation is like, and how
> the media and democrats try and portray everything
> we are doing over there is a failure. I don't know
> what I would do if I didn't have the internet. I
> would probably be depressed and falling for the Iraq
> is a quagmire and failure crap that I hear. But I
> get to read Iraqi blogs and blogs from our soldiers
> on the ground.
> Maybe we can discuss in an e-mail exchange the
> reasoning behind some of our thoughts. I don't agree
> with some of the things Bush does, but when it comes
> to John Kerry he repulses me probably in the same
> way Bush does to you.
> Some things you say in your posts I cant completely
> understand, and I just want to fire off a quick shot
> back. In the end nothing is solved and no knowledge
> is gained through that action so I tend to hold
> back.
> If not, we can just bitch about Jose Macias and Rey
> Ordonez. LoL.


First off, and I know you didn't say this, but, if I have ever put across the notion that I do not support our troops, I apologize. If you are brave enough to enlist, and more importantly, if you are adult enough to deal with the consequences of enlisting (ie. you may end up going to war) then you are far braver than I, and I salute you.

Next, you didn't exactly say this, either, but if you were there, then obviously you have a better idea about what is being done on a day-to-day basis than I am. It seems that we are truly trying to drag these people into the modern ages, and if most of the people there are grateful to us, then good.

But sometimes you can be too close to something, and from where I sit, there has been no satisfactory explanation offered by our Administration for why we are in Iraq. I have relatives there, they enlisted, they knew the risks, and fortunately, none of them have been killed.

I fear for them every day, and I would hate to think that one of them died for something that hasn't been satisfactorily explained.

If you truly believe that Saddam Hussein was a threat to American security, then God bless you.

I never believed he was. There has been NO proof offered that shows he had ANYTHING to do with 9/11, and I suppose if proof were shown, then yeah, go ahead, lay waste to his nation.

Yeah, Kerry makes my skin crawl. But I don't support Bush, either, and I truly want to be able to make a good choice in November. All I know is, America is far less safe now as we were in 2000, and a big reason behind that is due to the quagmire in Iraq. Whether you want to believe that the actions of several misguided prison guards should have little bearing on how the rest of the world regards us...well, it does.

Fact is, if you throw your weight around, people are going to resent you. I fear that is what is happening to us, now.

I want to do my best to write funny stuff about topics surrounding the Cubs, but real life has really elbowed itself in lately, and I just can't get my mind past it. If I never wrote anything political again, I would be a much happier person.

I wish the best for you in whatever decision you make, and if you do decide to go to Iraq, please stay safe.