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Wednesday, May 12

Still thinking

I first want to thank everyone who has either commented or e-mailed me with their kind words. It really was nice to hear from you, although I give you my word, that I did not write this to elicit such compliments.

I will admit that when I issued my brief jihad against another Cub blogger a few months ago, I was hoping for a little love, which I got in spades. My anger was focused in one place, and it was easy to move past that.

But today I am kind of beyond that point. I have some very deep, very strong, very negative feelings right now, both about the Cubs and life itself. I have been putting it out there thinking I was being amusing, and many weren't.

Now, I'm worried that NOBODY is going to find it amusing. Perhaps this is my sign that I ought to hold off?

I am moderately worried about, and pretty disappointed in, the Cubs so far. But all of that seems to fade when compared to the live-and-death pudpulling going on in the Middle East right now.

Someone at work, who hasn't a CLUE as to how the Islamic mind works, is all puffed up because they KILLED an American, when ALL we did was humiliate their people.

Good lord...unfortunately, we live in a place where 90% of the residents share the same sense of bliss in ignorance as my co-worker. She cannot possibly understand the notion that an Islamic man would much rather DIE, to a factor of a million, than to have a female American soldier point at his naked wang.

All these people have at their disposal is the ability to lash out, and if we keep it up, we're gonna end up finding out the hard way whether or not the WMDs exist.

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, so says the laws of physics. So many people deserve all the scorn and ridicule that I can possibly generate in a billion blogs, but I'm not sure that I can handle the backlash.

In the meantime, the bloated lefty has-been Wilson Alvarez is going up against Johnnie B. Baker's Right-handed Dixie Kings tonight. Hopefully I'll have a win to cheer me up tomorrow morn.