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Tuesday, May 18

Nobody remembers Glenallen Hill?

This is for all of you who are using the term "pipped", (as in Wally Pipp, the poor soul Lou Gehrig replaced) in referring to The Phenomenom Known As Jose Macias.

Anyone who is advocating that Macias ought to permanently replace Grud and Walker at second must have the attention span of a gnat, the perspective of a carnival goldfish, and the sense of history only found in 14-year-old lipstick whores.

I dunno if they just happen to have a good roasted-goat-and-beans guy in San Diego, and I am glad Macias had such a big weekend. We needed it, and I say TRADE HIM NOW!!

Only kidding....sort of.

Dusty has been known to ride the hot hand, but if the answer is Jose Macias, the question shouldn't have been asked. We don't have time this year to experiment, play hunches, and try to catch fireflies in a coke bottle. The guys that we KNOW can play should play.

Let's win once, then if we want to give Macias a test drive, fine.