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Thursday, May 20

He hit the piss out of it

A line drive, walk off pisser by Moises Alou won it for us last night. Way to go, Moises! I'm sure your dad is really proud of you! I bet Mom is even prouder, seeings how dad left her when you were just a kid. Way to stick it to the horny old goat!

Not much else out of me today, just tell me which part of Greg Couch's Sun-Times article is wrong. I thought Todd Walker was going to adjust his own game to fit in the leadoff role, but injuries and human nature have taken their toll on his OBP. Couch concedes that there is little hope of bringing back Kenny Lofton, not because the Yankees want him so bad, but due to his bridge-burning with regards to Sam-Me, and the fact that Corey Patterson isn't injured, he wouldn't fit well.

A lead-off candidate is either going to have to play short or second, which I guess explains why you hear so much talk about acquiring the Ghost of Omar Vizquel. Obviously, this doesn't rotate my fan blades, since I am never in favor of bringing in has-beens to temporarily fill a hole. Rains come, neighborhood dogs dig, and next thing you know, the hole is back and even deeper.

But, I suppose there are those who feel the time is NOW, and if you are one of these, a quick fix is copasetic with you. I might have to live with trying it your way this year.