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Tuesday, May 11

The Choice (and remember, death is NOT an option)

On this morning following an off day, a list of Devil's choices:

Old time Cubs Third Basemen
Steve Ontiveros, or Steve Buechele?

Best Cubs Closer Ever
Lee Smith, or Bruce Sutter?

See how this works? Let's throw some more at you:

Second baseman when Grud comes back
Grud, or Walker?

Shortstop, when Grud comes back
Grud, or Ramon Martinez?

Second hitter when Grud comes back
Grud, or Corey Patterson?

Old-time 70's pinch hitting stud
Larry Biitner, or Mike Vail?

Shake hands with
Moises Alou, or Pee Wee Herman?

Best Interview
Ryne Sandberg, or Dave Kingman?

Today's closer
Joe Borowski, or Joe Borowski?

Next Year's closer
Joe Borowski, or Francis Beltran?

Worst manager
Jim Essian, or Tom Treblehorn?

Best Cubs manager (as player)
Don Baylor or Dusty Baker?

Coolest Cubs PH ever
Glenallen Hill or Cliff Johnson?

Best Cubs offensive player ever
Sammy Sosa or Ernie Banks?

Who pissed Ryno off worse
Raffy Palmiero or Davey Martinez?

The biggest one that got away
Lou Brock or Raffy Palmiero?

Best team in last 75 years
1969 or 2003?

Biggest stud
Kyle Farns #44 or Seattle Slew?

I could go on and on and on....let's end it with: most bling
Curtis Goodwin or Rosevelt Brown?