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Monday, May 10

Blogger changed yet again

I am glad to have an "audience", and as such, I guess I better accept the fact that some of you think I'm a Bush-lockstep-conservative, and others of you think I'm an Unamerican-liberal. Part of the reason is because you're all different, outside of the fact that you all love the Cubs.

But I think part of the reason is because I'm different myself, and kind of all over the place. So while I twiddle my thumbs waiting for Grud, Gonzalez, Prior, Remlinger, Guzman and Dempster to get healthy, I will try once again to explain myself today.

By nature, I am a "seat-of-my-pants" kind of guy. I don't re-read these things I write. I write how I feel, it's as real as I get. I have never been concerned about details, which my first wife (initially) found appealing, my second wife found intolerable, and my final wife is trying to convert me of.

When I was young, I was almost totally irresponsible. But when my first child was born, I saw the need for some caution. It took years for me to learn, but eventually I saw the wisdom of doing unto others as you would want to have done to you, and I could see where my carefree attitude infringed on other people's rights. But, right when I was starting to get the hang of it, it became too much for wife #1, who to this day is an almost supremely irresponsible being.

I'm on sort-of-a 12-step-program for perpetual fuckups.

So, knowing all of that, you can maybe understand why I can on one hand advocate throwing away our whole government, because it doesn't seem to work worth a flying fuck, but at the same time insist that everyone around me conforms to some semblance of order. Like, thou shalt not get out of your car and shoot someone, and thou shalt not step on the backs of my legs, because you're in a bigger hurry to get to the same place than I am.

I am both an idealist and a practicalist. Because of my need for some sort of order for my family, I typically vote Republican, although I just cannot see myself doing that, this time. It just isn't working right now, and the Party isn't offering an alternative. If it means I go with someone I don't have much in common with, then I guess it does.

I don't see how Kerry could do worse. Some of you have given me scenarios which, in YOUR eyes, seem worse than the mess Bush has us in now. Frankly, when I read them, they didn't seem worse to me. To me, there's nothing worse than the vicious circle of Middle Eastern war, oil dependency, and the thwarting of efforts to become less oil dependent, all in the name of making the rich richer.

It almost makes me unable to concentrate on the Cubs. Almost.

Except for the handful of pathetic efforts to bunt yesterday, our offense still consists of "grippin' it and rippin' it". Who the fuck is our batting coach, John Daly? That approach is just fine for Kerry Wood, a pitcher that on occasion, bats. But for the guys who bat every day not named Sosa (because he's so dumb, he'll never understand), this just isn't constructive.

I can't believe Dusty Baker is allowing this to happen. He should take some time out of his media paranoia, and address the importance of making contact.