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Wednesday, May 26

And, since I'm all pissed off today..

Chip and Stoney should be IMMEDIATELY dismissed from their jobs as CUBS TV broadcasters.

I don't usually comment on media, but the gushy, spermy Man Love those two just oozed their warm cum all over Beege, Bags, Adam Everett, Bergman, Oswalt, and everything else wearing an AssTroll uniform.

My God, I knew what was coming, and I was literally physically sickened. Everything they did was great, both of the B boys are first ballot hall-of-famers, and when they are, both Chip and Stoney are going to show up, Bachelor Trish-like, at their hotels and spread their gaping cornholes in the vain hope that Bags or Biggio might partake.

Shit, I guess in a way Bergman deserves some of the kudos, since he's just a man beast at the plate. But this is the ENEMY, the most likely barrier to our playoff participation, and you are quite literally bending over backwards, nude, so that your scrawny little genetalia is completely exposed, every time Bags or Beege run, throw, spit, chew, or scratch.

Fuck you Chip, and screw you Stone, couple of turn-coat vaseline-slicked gerbils

Disclaimer: I don't think there is anything wrong with homosexuality, and hold it to the same regards that I do heterosexuality, in that it should be held between consenting adults, that it should be a component in a committed relationship, and finally, that it be dignified and shall not infringe on the rights of others, the final point being the one that Chip and Stoney breach, as they spend time lusting after Astro players that they OUGHT to spend analyzing the ballgame.